How much do you know about what you own?

Application portfolios control most of your business processes. But which are the gems you should focus resources on and which need their on-going costs reduced?

It’s entirely possible that you could be spending too much on low priority applications. In one instance, Micro Focus discovered roughly 4 million lines of code that were being diligently maintained, tested and supported by a company – though never being executed.

We make it easier to audit and improve

Enterprise Analyzer allows you to closely analyze the value of your applications: the technical metrics; what stakeholders or users believe is important; the cost-effectiveness of what you own; impact analysis, and much more.

Nothing can hide from Enterprise Analyzer. You can build a clear repository of business intelligence about your application portfolio, helping to improve decision making across the enterprise.

Enterprise Analyzer is as valuable for a developer working to improve the accuracy and quality of applications as it is for the executive who needs to deliver results in the boardroom.

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