Develop 40% more productively in a modern environment

Micro Focus Enterprise Developer enables developers to work 40% more productively by introducing a highly productive graphical environment. This simplifies mainframe development tasks, allowing mainframe applications to be maintained, improved and modernized faster – at lower cost – to suit the changing needs of the business.

Your developers can choose the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is best suited to application modernization: either Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio. With Micro Focus, the highest levels of technical compatibility and integration exist between the mainframe and the Windows platform, so your developers can get the best from both environments.

Mainframe modernization made more accessible

Now that mainframe COBOL is presented in an entirely new light developers can work faster and more collaboratively.

They can pool expertise, share knowledge and work together more easily, while business-critical applications can be maintained and developed from just one environment: bridging the gap between mainframe COBOL, Java or C# components. Enterprise Developer represents a game-changing experience for existing COBOL developers, as well as a dramatic shift in the way younger programmers view and relate to the mainframe environment.

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