COBOL for the next generation: it's visual

COBOL continues to evolve and flourish in new ways that make it more accessible, relevant and valuable than ever.

Micro Focus now enables mainframe COBOL applications to be developed and tested on new architectures, allowing developers to adopt the latest IDEs and modern development practices.

Plugging the skills gap

That still leaves the problem of who will replace the many highly experienced COBOL programmers who are approaching retirement.

So Micro Focus is encouraging IT graduates to embrace COBOL by working with hundreds of schools and universities in a number of countries. Our message is that COBOL applications - already running in the latest server environments - can be opened up to the world through mobile and cloud delivery. So programmers can be working in both worlds.

There's a big job to be done as we discovered when filming our universities video. For your organization, our mission is to help you attract and keep a new generation of programmers thanks to the intuitive, visual interface of our latest Enterprise Developer solution.

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