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More efficient users for better business results

If you’re in a customer-service industry, then you are in the business of increasing margins by improving productivity, improving customer services, and delivering value in a more efficient manner.

Achieve new levels of efficiency without risks - here are just a few ways the Micro Focus Rumba+ technology brings efficiency to your workplace, through improvements to ‘old style’ applications:

  • Improved customer service efficiency. Through streamlined application navigation, a simpler, single-screen view improves the speed and efficiency of your users and customers alike.
  • Reduced training of new staff. Using outdated terminals is inefficient and difficult to learn for new starters. Micro Focus’ Rumba+ tools make applications intuitive and simple, and new users can get up to speed quickly.
  • Proven technology: See how Aviva Italia and insurance giant Allianz improved efficiency and customer service levels across their users through the use of Rumba technologies.

Deliver new levels of business efficiency without risking your core business systems. By modernizing the face of the application – achieve new levels of staff productivity and operational efficiency without altering a single line of computer code.

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50% of CIOs believe too much time is spent on training users on how to use their applications.*